Respect takes a long time to earn but  a few seconds to lose.   So what can you do to earn other’s respect?  Be more respect-full.  Here are 10 simple ways to earn it.

  1.  Be full of respect – Do not shout, use profanity or a condescending tone, be demeaning or disrespectful.
  2.  Treat people with kindness, consideration and politeness.
  3. Don’t micromanage, be overly critical, focus on other’s flaws, engage in rumor mill or constantly complain. Instead seek to be up-building and positive.
  4.  Anticipate others needs and work to meet them.  Be empathetic.
  5.   Do not be a door mat.  Don’t let others walk all over your. Speak up with respect, show consideration for other’s thoughts, opinions and celebrate differences. Stand up for yourself and share your opinions with tact.
  6.   Be mindful of your body languag. Wear a genuine smile, be approachable and do not isolate yourself.
  7.  Take accountability for your failures.  When the poop hits the fan don’t point fingers or give excuses, instead focus on the solution and work hard to fix things.
  8.   Listen and seek to understand others feelings, thoughts and actions.
  9.   Keep your word.  Arrive on time, meet your deadlines let your yes mean yes and no, no.
  10.   Be considerate of people’s time and resources. Don’t have pointless meetings or interrupt others work.

By showing respect you gain other’s respect.  The more you invest the higher the ROI.