Time Management

Discover what activities are taking most of your time.  Define which ones are producing you the best results.

Time Allocation Form

Breakdown of your day based on key activities.

Develop your leadership persona takes time, dedication and commitment.  Time to define what your core guiding principles are.  Time for analysis and introspection to determine if there is a gap and how large is it between the persona you are today and the one you wish to become.  Time to develop a strategy to bridge that gap and do the work necessary to improve.  And, time needed to actively engage to perfect the art of principled leadership. 

So how do you find the time and still manage to meet your current demands?   Introducing the Unscheduling Form and the Time Allocation Form.   Two easy to use tools developed for gaining insight into your day to day, common time wasters and high impact activities. 

According to the Pareto Principle 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities.  The Unscheduling Form allows you to see the minutia and core activities.  While the Time Allocation Form allows you to see which 20% is yielding you the best strategic impact. 

Use either forms for a week and begin to gain control of your time thus making time for you to flex your leadership skills and muscle.